is taking effort to provide completely free of cost information about IRCTC (Railway Reservation Website) and Indian Railways (Govt. Services) with various related information from railways of India. As we all know, Indian Railways is World’s largest network. It has the second largest rail network in the world. And it is not only the largest but also the busiest rail network in the world.

Indian railways is one of the most efficient railway systems in the world ranking 4th largest among the railway networks all around the globe. Railways is managed by the central government and the head being the railways minister who is responsible for the development and doing the promotion of new railway standards like bringing over metro concept and so on. This minister is solely responsible for the ticket costs and the cost of food available within the trains.

Every long travel train in India have a pantry car and here they serve delicious food for the passengers in a hot and suave way within minutes of ordering. This food and catering department is handled by an organization known as IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation). It not only caters food but also makes the passengers life easier by introducing online ticketing services like i-ticket and e-ticket. Such services are of great help for people who are busy and don’t find time to wait in queues and this drastically reduces the rush or crowd in the ticketing centres.

Indian railways have 17 railway zones as of now and each of them have a General Manager who looks over the maintenance works of that particular zone. IRCTC offers tourist packages at low prices and this package includes train fares food and accommodation. In some packages either food or accommodation may have to be covered at your own expense but the train fare is mandatory and when inside the train food will also be provided free of charge during such tourist packages and you need not spend for that.

These packages are exclusive and tied around effective spending of your worthy money. There are some luxury packages available too for which Indian Railways operates special trains like Palace on Wheels, Golden Chariot and 4 others which portray the rich culture and legacy of India. These packages cost a bit more than the normal ones but they provide the finest of coaches which are air-conditioned and crystal clean. The service that IRCTC provides in these trains is also of top class starting from the food to helping you with an additional blanket they go an extra mile in service sector. Now passenger can book even through SMS from their mobile phones and this service helps the commuters to book tickets on the move. Railway tickets should be booked well before the date of journey to avoid last minute disappointments.