Indian government has offered concessions for every class of people starting from students to senior citizens and also for people having physical and mental impairments. Such discounts and concessions prove to be handy and very helpful for people.

The concessions range from 25% to 75% and to obtain such special concessions you must provide the necessary documents and proof in order to obtain the ticket along with the available concession. Faking is punishable by law and the documents if found to be false then you will not be allowed to travel using the railways for a definite period of time or will be forced to pay a heavy penalty failing which legal action can be taken against you. So this service and concession should be used properly and only for genuine reasons.

For cadets of marine and army travel concessions are allowed for their return home in the holidays and also when going back to the service. Students who want to attend interviews and exams are given first preference and providing the photocopy of the hall ticket are enough in such cases. Students who return home from their hostels can also avail this concession by providing a written letter from the hostel wardens bearing the seal of the particular college or school.

Medically ill individuals travelling for their treatment are given concession too and this is provided for all the major diseases such as heart attack, cancer, TB and so on. This will help these individuals to a great extent as they already spend money for their treatment and if this travel expense is reduced the burden will be lightened a lot.

Apart from these National Awardees in any field for that matter, war widows and students going on a study tour can avail this concession too. Research scholars who travel for their research purposes from one place to another place are liable and for this perfect documents and seal of an eligible authority is needed and without this you cannot avail this service or discount.

Likewise concessions are being awarded for several purposes which bring prosper to the nation and to provide financial assistance for the individuals too. So these grants have to be used in a resourceful manner for a reasonable and genuine purpose. Such concessions are available both for the purpose of a single journey and as a seasonal pass too and this is particularly helpful for patients who have to travel for treatment frequently.